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Adam talks about the creation of each song, scriptural background, and more of their meaning.

Remember the Blood Remember the Blood

We will always be able to approach God only through the blood of Jesus. Remember the Blood is the first song on the album because it is the foundation of our coming to God. This song came as a revelation of this obvious truth, that I will always need the blood of Jesus to cover me. In Old Testament times, the priests and people knew they needed their sins atoned for by the Messiah. The High Priest who went in before the Lord to offer the sacrificial offering for the sins of the people was well aware of the fact that he had no righteousness of his own before God. The High Priest was sprinkled with the blood of the sacrifice before going into the Holy Place before the presence of the Lord. I had a vision of this priest saying, "Remember the blood, O Lord my God," before going in. Thatıs the drama behind the opening of this song. Today, I have NO righteousness of my own apart from the blood of Jesus. I am the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:21 ­ For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him). In the same way, we must be ever mindful of our precious covering in the blood of Jesus that allows us to come into Godıs presence. Hebrews 10:19-22 (available in lyrics pdf). I pray that you will feel Godıs countenance turn to you as you worship and listen to this song. Lord, when you look at me, remember the Blood.
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Nicodemus Nicodemus

Nicodemus is a song of salvation for this album. One day I was praying after reading about Jesus as a little boy in the temple talking to the priests and elders. Luke 2:41-49. The Bible says they were amazed at his questions and his answers. I then thought about Nicodemus, the Teacher of Israel, as Jesus says in John 3:10. I wondered if Nicodemus had been present during that early time Jesus was in the temple. And then, 18 years or so later, Nicodemus hears Jesus again. And he tells him, "You must be born again." In the U.S., many people have heard of Jesus and have had the gospel message plainly given to them. This song gives the gospel in the second half so that if people have heard the gospel before, they hear it again, and it is still true, "You must be born again."
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Turning Over Tables Turning Over Tables

Itıs a freight train that doesn't stop until the end. This Latin influenced war/dance song is based on the only time Jesus used physical force during His ministry ­ He tied a whip and drove the money changers out of the temple. We have to choose whom we will serve, God or Mammon (Matthew 6:24). God wants us to live by faith (Romans 1:17), and I believe faith is Godıs preferred "currency." Isaiah 55:1-2. I believe God is going to cause an increase of spiritual and material riches to come into the hands of the church to be able to fulfill the Great Commission. Let it be NOW.

My friend, John Kasica, has been percussionist with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra for over 15 years. He brought his excellent skill and several ethnic instruments to the studio for this Latin influenced piece. The percussion is simply amazing. There is a middle break where the Lord gave me a Jewish Dance song to a percussive timbre change. You need to hear this one to believe it. John played the dumbek (small middle eastern drum) in both the Jewish and Arabic in rhythmic counterpoint, along with several other percussion tracks. We had such a good time recording this one. I pray the Holy Spirit gives you more insight into this song.
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Prayer by Dennis Doyle Prayer by Dennis Doyle

Dennis Doyle, CEO, owner, co-founder ­ Welsh Companies, prays that the Sovereign Lord God would release a blessing in the marketplace upon the men and women who labor until He comes; that the prosperity He has placed in the earth would come forth to bless the inhabitants of the earth.

All or Nothing prayer by Dennis Doyle All or Nothing prayer by Dennis Doyle

Dennis Doyle prays for business leaders all over the world to bring forth the redemptive purpose where God has placed them in the marketplace. For God is the God of all things, or He is the God of nothing, and God is the God of all things, including the businesses. Dennis calls for millions of people in the marketplace who will hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, and prays that all people come to know the name of the living God.

Proclaiming His Word Proclaiming His Word

This is how the album all started. As president of The Sound Press, our record label and multimedia company, most of my prayer times involve singing the Word of God over my life, family, and company. Over a three week period in March, the Lord gave me 10 specific scriptures to sing over the company. After singing these for a few weeks, the Lord told me to do an album so others could do the same. You can find more info in the INTERACTION pages. For the live recording, after much prayer, and with a team of intercessors in the control room praying for us, we just began to worship the Lord. I had my ten scriptures on the piano, and right before we began, the Lord gave me Isaiah 54. No music written down, no chord charts, no preparation. I told John the percussionist, and Mark the guitarist to just follow me as the Lord leads. The Lord brought forth the additional scriptures and prophetic words as we went along. 45 minutes later, I sang an AMEN. Again, check out the INTERACTION pages for more info on what to do with this CD.
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