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Worshipatwork.com is the accompanying online resource to the groundbreaking album and musical tool, Worship@Work-Intercessory Praise and Worship for the Marketplace. Worship@Work is using intercessory praise and worship to foster worldwide revival through the marketplace. The vision is to bring God's presence and redemptive purposes into your life and into the marketplace i.e. the places where you work or the businesses you may own; for a great revival or turning of hearts toward Jesus to occur and be sustained throughout the worldwide marketplace. This in turn will bring forth great blessing on nations and individuals throughout the earth. This can only come about as we invite Jesus and make Him Lord over our businesses and workplaces now. It's about being all that Jesus died for you to be.

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Noah Webster's confession of faith became the basis of an evangelistic tract entitled The Peculiar Doctrines of the Gospel, Explained and Defended. It was well received by the Trinitarian clergy, among whom was Abiel Holmes, father of Oliver Wendell Holmes:

"We have been much gratified in the perusal of your Letter in explanation and defence of the 'Peculiar Doctrines of the Gospel.' I hope the publication of it will promote the interest of pure Christianity. Arguments used by us, who are set for the defence of the gospel, are often inefficacious, because we are considered as merely 'labouring in our vocation.' When men of learning and talents, in other professions, voluntarily engage in the defence of our holy religion, the world is less apt to suppose them interested, and therefore more ready to listen to their arguments. I rejoice to find you defending, not the outworks merely, but the citadel; not the truth of Christianity in general, but the peculiar doctrines of it-the truth as it is in Jesus."
  - Noah Webster, 1807


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