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Worship@Work was founded in 2001 by Adam and Rachel Smith.  As owners of an internet and multimedia company, and being professional musicians, their method of prayer often incorporated worship music.  They began a few years prior by singing scriptures that had application to God's purposes in their life, family, music education, and business.  Out of this practice, the Lord Jesus created a heart in them to see revival come to the workplace or marketplace.

A person's vocation is integrally tied to their destiny in the Lord.  Every person on earth has been created individually by God, and no one else has the same sphere of influence as another.  Worship@Work was created to invite all working people into part of the worship, intercession, and prayer times that Adam and Rachel practice. 

Incorporating spontaneous worship, the Word of God, and prayer, Worship@Work will help anyone grow in God's love for them, and come to see that His saving activity and redemptive plan apply to the workforce!  Let a mighty revival come to the places where we work. 


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