The vision of Worship@Work is to prepare the Bride of Christ for her Lord, to see excellence in the members of His body, the church, in all that is done in the earth.  In the individual, family, school, arts, workplace, etc., all places of life should reflect the best for our King of Kings.  He is worthy of the best that we can bring.  If one's skill or trade is plumbing for example, a Christian plumber ought to be the best in the city.  If one is trained in music, they should be practicing and praying that their gift and talent be found increased before the Lord.

The vision is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ go forth through out the earth even through corporations and businesses, that the gospel would have entrance into other nations, people, tribes, and languages through the individuals of those companies; that the gospel would complete its westward movement; preaching, training, and most of all demonstrating that Jesus is alive, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!






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