Use this album as a tool during your worship and prayer time, before going to work to build yourself up in your most holy faith.(Jude 20) Use it to declare the word of God over yourself and the business you own or for which you work. Sing along, pray your own prayers for your family, boss, co-workers, families of co-workers, all business dealings and any conversations you will have.

Spouses- At home, use it to intercede for your loved ones in the marketplace. Business owners- pray with it and sing along with your own songs and prayers for your business, employees, and clients. Invite God into all aspects of your life. He wants to meet with you and reveal His plans for you.

The concept behind Proclaiming His Word on WORSHIP@WORK is nothing new. As you may read in the timeline section of this site, singing the word of God has been happening for thousands of years. Even now in the church it has had resurgence. This CD a tool recorded that could be revisited and that focused on a section of society so dear to the Fatheršs heart, the marketplace. Why the marketplace? In looking at the early church in this manner, we have seen a trend. Jesus and the apostles moved amongst the people where they were, and the apostles were all businessmen - not clergymen.

This section of this site will give a brief look at people in the Bible such as King David, Joseph, Daniel, and Paul in this context. They were powerful men of God who had jobs, trades, skills, and education, but most of all they were worshipers of God. It is our prayer that you will use this CD to incorporate worship into your prayer times.

When you can, please take time to read 2 Chronicles 20:14-25 and see what can happen when you sing and praise the Lord!


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