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 "Adam Smith combines a classical background with a modern style to bring a foundation of rich music on which a lifestyle of prayer and worship to God may be built. Adam has clearly developed his own unique style, drawing upon his background in classical and pop. While Adam's musical craftsmanship is plainly evident in the rich chord progressions and tasteful instrumentation he employs, there is a pervasively worshipful tone to his music, reflecting his passion for God's presence. His lyrics are characterized by balance: lofty without being high-flown, real without being mundane. They capture the essence of the Christian walk, where the eternal intersects with the finite, and the heavenly meets the earthly. Another refreshing trademark of Adam's lyrics is their thoroughly Scriptural basis. As you listen to the album, your heart will be encouraged with the truth of Romans 8:28 -- no matter what life throws at you, God's sovereign care and undying love for you will win the day." - Robert Monti (M DIV Regent Univ.)

Adam received his B.M. in Music Theory from The Cleveland Institute of Music, and M.A. in Music Theory from the Eastman School of Music. He lives in Cincinnati, OH with his wife Rachel, and son, Nathan. He is also President of The Sound Press, a multimedia production company and record label. Check out for more information and for his debut album, In the hands of God.

Adam would love to hear from you. You may write to him at Also, please join the WORSHIP@WORK email list above for news, bonus tracks, and updates.


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