The purpose of this album is, bluntly, to bring a worldwide revival in the marketplace. What we do for a living is not separate from our destiny in the Lord. Through singing of the Word of God in worship and intercession, Worship@Work is a tool to help you hear from the Holy Spirit about your life, and God's redemptive purpose in all that you are.

Summary from the CD Liner Notes

The purpose of this album is to be an ark of God to carry His presence into the marketplace through worship, and declaration of His holy Word. WORSHIP@WORK is for all working people; business owners, employees, and their families, students, etc. Growing in our relationship with God means devoting more time to prayer and worship. Look at the lives of the biblical characters such as Joseph, Daniel, David, and Paul. All of these men worshiped God, and all of them worked for a living. Joseph and Daniel were administrators over Egypt and Babylon. They made time for the Lord in prayer and worship both before and after they were placed in their prominent positions. David was a type of prophet, king, and priest and spent time worshiping the Lord from when he was a shepherd boy to reigning over Israel and Judah, as the Lord established his name in the earth. Paul was a tent maker; his trade provided for his needs, but was also an example from the Lord in how to live. None of Jesus' disciples were rabbis. They were business people ranging from fishermen to a physician. God wants to bring revelation to us regarding our destiny in Jesus intricately involving our vocation, skills, talents, and abilities.

WORSHIP@WORK is worship to the Lord, nothing less. The foundations of the worship on the album are the holy scriptures, as you will see and hear. Remember the Blood is the foundation for us coming into the presence of God. Nicodemus is a song of salvation. Turning Over Tables speaks of the Lord's currency, which is faith, and of His provision for you. The prayers of Dennis Doyle, CEO - Welsh Companies, and Pastors Dennis and Donna Pisani, Glory Tabernacle, D.C., bring blessing to you, and more of God's heart for WORSHIP@WORK. Proclaiming His Word, a 44 minute worship session with the Word of God, was given to us spontaneously by the Holy Spirit at the recording time. All I had on the piano were ten scriptures the Lord had given to me in the preceding weeks. He brought forth the music, the additional scriptures, words, and styles at that very moment as we worshiped in His presence. This is how I worship the Lord and sing over my life, family, and company, The Sound Press. The Lord will confirm His word with signs and wonders in the marketplace as we operate as kings and priests to our God and Father, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Take this CD and pray with it, worship with me, sing the Word of God in praise to the Lord. Grow in intimacy with the Lord Jesus and present yourself as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God. I pray that the anointing of God and the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit will be with you as you worship with me. Watch what He will do with your life which He bought with His own blood. The Lord bless you, in Jesus' name.



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