"When I got the CD I did not understand it totally, but as I listened to it, it began to grow on me. Listening to Remember the Blood got me. When I am troubled, and I hear that melody in my heart, it reminds me of how David played the harp before the Lord, and Saul was comforted. As I listened to the CD more and more, I would hear the melodies in my heart, and began to grow in the understanding of the CD. It's different from the normal Christian worship music; it is truly anointed. You sense an intimacy with God and a desire to be close to Him. I feel His love and compassion every time I listen to it. This is bringing the kingdom of God out of the church and into the workplace. I am starting to pray again for the people at my job, and catch the vision that we are the salt of the earth. Praise God for what He has done! Thank you."



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