"The Worship@Work album is completely unprecedented. It is a remarkable gift to those who have a vision to go deep with God... past the outer courts of praise, past the inner courts of faith, into the awesome and living reality of our almighty God. This album will challenge you to meet Him there.

Both Adam Smith and the Worship@Work album have lovingly challenged me to raise the standard of my faith to such a degree that the priorities in my life have been totally rearranged. Not conceptually, but in reality. The Word in the album has become flesh in my life. It has been a great impetus behind becoming uncompromisingly obedient to God's will, and has encouraged me to, above all things, seek the kingdom of God.

The pureness of the Holy Spirit which is engraved into each track on the Woship@Work album truly and deeply ministered to my soul during a time of enormous sifting and "pruning" in my life. Though it sounds hyperbolic, I don't know what I would have done without this ark that carries the presence of God."



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